Learn About Hunger

The Problem of Hunger and Poverty can seem overwhelming but it all begins with ONE!.

  1. Learning about the problem is the first step.
  2. Taking action to become part of the solution is the next step.

We can change the face of hunger, one child at a time. Feeding a child is one way to invest in our future. Our children will be our next doctors, lawyers, and teachers.


Hunger in Sand Springs –
67% of children in Sand Springs Schools are on free and reduced lunch. It’s hard to believe but, we have identified several students with hunger insecurity and a potential for 20 of these with chronic hunger issues that could lead to malnutrition and learning problems. Your support is needed to fund progrmas to combat this hunger.
Contact us to see how you can help!

Hunger in Eastern Oklahoma –
The Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma serves all of Eastern Oklahoma and works in participation with several local welfare associations. http://www.cfbeo.org/

The Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma is the largest, private hunger-relief organization in Eastern Oklahoma. Located in Tulsa, they distribute food and other grocery items to 450 Partner Programs in 24 counties of Eastern Oklahoma. In turn, those programs collectively feed 60,000 people each week, the equivalent of 865,000 meals per month. In Fiscal Year 2011, the Food Bank distributed 16.9 million pounds of food.

Hunger is America –
Second Harvest is the one of the largest food banks in America. A great resource on the issue of Hunger in America.

Hunger in the World
The United Nations World Food Programme suggests the following ways to learn and get more involved with the growing issue of hunger. They suggest ways to help by first….

Does hunger exist in your community?
Find out why/Find out what life is like for the hungry people living near you.

Take action and help the hungry in your community-volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter or collect foods and donate them to a local group.

Promote hunger issues– raise awareness in your community or school by establishing a hunger website which demonstrates the plight of the world’s hungry.

Call for change by writing and calling your local and national politcal representatives and telling them your concerns about the hungry.

Start or join a group that helps the hungry. Contribute your time or resources to a group or organization that feeds the hungry.

HUNGER 101- Curriculum you can download for free from the Atlanta Food Bank.


A great site from the Oregon Food bank researching hunger.