Sandsprings Tornado Relief

We are providing the following items and services to the victims of the recent storms.

  • Food – non-perishable Food
  • Water, Tea
  • Diapers, Wipes, Formula, Baby Food, Baby Cereal
  • Medication Assistance – Assistance with resources
  • Clothing
  • Physician co-pay assistance if you need it
  • Assistance paying for Birth Certificates and ID’s if you need that – we can even order Birth Certificates online if they are from out of State
  • Financial assistance
  • Any other assistance – if we cannot provide it – we will work with this community, our Faith Based communities, wonderful, Tulsa Area United Way agencies, and other Partners to find what you need. We will work together to help victims get their basic needs met first then work on long term planning once they are ready.

If you would like to assist by donating any of these items please call (918) 245-5183 or
click here to fill out or contact us form.

If you would like to monetary donation please click here to go to our online donation form.