Who Do We Help?

We help families in crises.

Elderly residents, people with disabilities, families struggling through a medical crisis or job loss, those who have lost almost everything do to catastrophic personal loss — all kinds of people come to our agency in need of assistance, often at the brink of homelessness.

In 2008, Sand Springs Community Services assisted 2,070 unduplicated individuals. The total monetary value of assistance was $120,000.00, which is a 24.4% increase from 2007. While individuals or families were eligible for just over $1,000.00 in different kinds of assistance from us in 2008, less than 18% received over $400.00. In assisting with bills for rent, natural gas, electricity, and water service, SSCS strives to help clients discover resources at their disposal in addition to those of the agency. Referrals are often made to other agencies. Direction and encouragement is given for re-entering the work force when unemployment has led to the crisis. Help is also given in evaluating priorities for the client’s personal budget. As a result, clients are helped in a time of need and given assistance towards a return to self-sufficiency.

Basic Needs:
We provide assistance with food, and clothing. We work with out clients in aiding in utility and rent assistance.


Childrens Programs:

Back- to-School Project
Annually we provide school supplies, a backpack, and a voucher for clothing for the upcoming school year.

Food-4-Kids Backpacks
Weekly, during the school year, through the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma we provide food for students that suffer from chronic hunger on the weekends.

Shoes for Sandites
Annually we partner with local organizations, businesses, churches and individuals to provide children with shoes for the new school year.

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