Helping Families

We Help Families
We provide temporary/emergency assistance service for families and individuals with basic needs. Many people find themselves temporarily unemployed and their financial resources severely curtailed due to health or employment issues or other reasons. Until employment can be secured or, in some cases, state assistance can be initiated, these people may find they need immediate assistance with food, clothing, utility or rent payments. Our agency attempts to provide these necessities and to assist in long-term planning with the individual families. Referrals are made to appropriate agencies along with contacts for churches or organizations in the community who are known to be able to provide assistance with employment, housing, etc.

In 2014, Sand Springs Community Services assisted 6,478 Clients and provided over $195,000 in total assistance.  That is a 2013, the Agency served 2,282 Clients and provided over $142,000 in total assistance.  That is a 183% increase in Client numbers from 2013 to 2014.

Referrals are often made to other agencies. Direction and encouragement is given for re-entering the work force when unemployment has led to the crisis. Help is also given in evaluating priorities for the client’s personal budget. As a result, clients are helped in a time of need and given assistance towards a return to self-sufficiency.

Your contributions of food, time and money are extremely important to this program. We could not do this without the support of our caring community of neighbors helping neighbors in crisis.

Family Forward – The SSCS Program that Moves Families Forward Toward Self-Sufficiency

Sand Springs Community Services, SSCS, has served families facing generational or situational poverty in our area for 86 years by providing food, clothing, and financial assistance. Many families find themselves facing the same crises within 30 days of receiving assistance. The SSCS Family Forward program was created with the vision of eliminating generational and situational poverty in our community.

Family Forward is an innovative 12 month program designed to move families toward self-sufficiency and encourages positive, forward momentum to begin breaking the ties of generational and situational poverty. Participation in the Family Forward program is required of households with at least one member in the home that is 18 or over, able to work, not working, not attending school or college, and not collecting unemployment. The household member that meets these criteria must attend the Family Forward program to keep the family eligible for financial assistance.

Each Family Forward participant works with a Long Term Solution Specialist in the areas of goal setting, resume development, job readiness training, interviewing skills and budgeting. Participants are guided to obtain at least a part time entry level position within 30 days of program entry.

Scales and Ladders Assessments are given to each Participant at five intervals to identify thriving, stable, at-risk or in-crisis levels in the categories of employment, child and adult education and literacy, health, childcare, family development, housing, income management, transportation, community involvement, and nutrition. This Assessment is provides continual participant evaluation and outcome measurements. Participants gain confidence when they see improvements in their Scales and Ladders Assessment throughout and after Family Forward.

Some Participants could be hired for short-term entry level positions at SSCS to increase their job skills and gain experience.

A “Family Action Plan” is designed for each family in an effort for the family to develop self-sufficiency. If the family needs assistance in the future, verification is required to show progress on the Family Action Plan.  Some examples of the plan would include:

Register with Workforce Oklahoma
Apply for employment
Attend Budget Classes
Attend Food Budgeting Classes in house at with a Mentor at the Grocery Store
Apply for WIC
Apply for SNAP Benefits
Decrease household expenses (i.e.: cable bills, rent to own payments, etc).
Every Family Action plan is different and is developed based on the family’s situation.

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